A thing of beauty. And durability.

Compactor features a unibody design. Unibody construction means a higher precision, less complex design with fewer parts. That translates to a Compactor that exceptionally strong and light, yet durable enough to hand the rigors of everyday use.

Two Options For Waste Loading Method.

BINACITRA introduce a new step in the ease of loading waste. We provide 2 options (scoop feeder and bin feeder) for method of loading waste into the vehicle, so that the user can choose the best and most efficient system according to environmental conditions.



Hydraulically Powered Door.

Tailgate door opened hydraulically by pressing the operating button located on the wheelhouse, so that the operator can easily and quickly dispose of waste in the Compactor.

compact5Dual Safety Lock.

For the safety of the operator who was working in the back (tail), our Compactor is designed with two safety lock system to ensure that the currently opened Tailgate door can’t fall accidentally or closed.

Manual safety lock, which works with the mechanical systems and electric safety lock which works electronically.



Completely Ejected System.

To maximize the process of unloading waste, our compactors offer the Completely Ejected Ejector Plate technology, so that all the waste in the compactor tub can be unloaded entirely.

compact8Automatic Ejector Retraction System.

Our compactor introduce Ejector Automatic Retraction System, where the compactor can detect if the ejector plate were out at maximum condition. So that when the back door will close, the ejector plate will automatically be entered into  compactor tub. With this system, collisions caused by Tailgate at the time of closing can be avoided.

compact9Auto Cleaning Mechanism.

In general waste remaining in the the press pack (mechanical hand used for inserting garbage into the compactor body) must be cleaned manually and this is a difficult work and very tiring. Our new technology innovations, Auto Cleaning Mechanism, can automatically clean it simply by pressing one button.

compact2One Piece Body.

To achieve maximum results, we give special attention to the construction of the tank compactor. Pressures experienced continuously by the compactor tank will result in the tank very susceptible for leaks and rupture.

However, by using finite element analysis method (FEM), which is used by NASA for calculating the inter-galaxy flight program, we can determine and calculate with precision the strength of each area of ​​the compactor body.
The result is :

  • Robust and sturdy tank body
  • There is no connection to the tank body
  • Resistant to abrasion and corrosion
  • Have a high resistance to pressure


Excess Water Tank.

One of the factors that cause the waste odor very pungent is leachate water. Traditional garbage trucks do not have a leachate water storages, so often times the leachate water dripped on the road along the tracks. Our Compactor have 3 leachate water storages that has a capacity of up to 500 liters. Goodbye pungent odor !!

Large Compaction Ratio.

By compacting waste up to 1: 3, This means the Compactor waste transport capacity is 3x of a traditional truck.




Easily Operated.

Taking into account the layout of equipment, control panels and operator safety, we have designed so the Compactor is very easy to operate. So easy that we can train your operators within 30 minutes for the technical operation.


After Sales & Durability.

We are aware that the Compactor will be operated throughout the day, month and year in the conditions and situations that are very dirty and unfriendly. Therefore we have designed so that all buttons, components, and other materials can survive in such conditions. However, we also set up a technical team of experts and all kinds of spare parts to help you when needed.



  Compactor 6 M3 R

  Compactor 12 M3 R

Type   4 stroke diesel engine line, direct injection,   4 stroke diesel engine line, direct injection,
  turbo charge intercooler.   turbo charge intercooler.
Maximum power   130 PS   235 PS
Number of cylinders   4   6
Cylinder capacity   4009 cc   7684 cc
Transmission   5 speed forward gears, 1-5 synchromesh and   6 speed forward gears, gear 2~6 synchromesh,
  reverse gear constantmesh.   gear 1 and reverse gear constantmesh.
Fuel capacity   100 litre   200 litre
Electric system   (12 V x 60 Ah) x 2   (12 V x 65 Ah) x 2

Tank Specification

Container volume   6500 mm   8550 mm
Total length   1965 mm   2430 mm
Total width   2490 mm   2900 mm
Total height   1380 mm   1620 mm
Wastewater tank capacity   80 litre   400 litre
Operating Cycle   Single & Continuous Cycle   Single & Continuous Cycle


Hydrolic pressure   19,5 Mpa   19,5 Mpa
Compression ratio   3 : 1   3 : 1


  Auto cleaning mechanism   Auto cleaning mechanism
  Dual safety locking mechanism   Dual safety locking mechanism
  Buzzer system signal   Buzzer system signal
  Interchangeable loader   Interchangeable loader

wastec1Revolutionary change the way you handle the garbage.

Waste collecting is an environment major problem. Image of smelly, dirty and slums will be formed if the handling of waste is not done correctly. The conservative way of waste management as we know is manually done. People collect the waste from the market, housing or other densely populated places and lay it on open space. This open lay stall causing many problems, such as dirty, smelly, scattered, spilled into the street. Also the loading is so difficult, sometimes dangerous. This way is so much not effective and efficient.

But that was then, now BINACITRA present a solution for this problem. A whole package eco-friendly waste management system called Waste Compression Station. This is an integrated solution consisting an Indoor Building, Compression Machine and Transfer Vehicle. Makes the waste management system more clean, eco-friendly, low cost operational, effective and efficient.

wastec2Four times the capacity in the same amount of space.

The way our Waste Compression Machine works is remarkable. It only need a small space, and it manage to handle more garbage. Four times more. It’s all because we use the most advanced compression technology available.



Amazing Idea to manage your waste. It just works, effortlessly!

Our designer and engineer work together with all expert people in environmental element to make a best future concept that can manage waste easier to do. Waste Compression Machine is the best waste solution ever made. It is completed with integrated compression machine and waste transfer system. It is the most effective and efficient waste management system ever made.

We don’t change the way you collect garbage, we change the way you store your garbage and transport it away. With our patented technology, you don’t need to do anything. You just need to press the button, and that’s it. Your jobs is done. wastec4

  1. Operator throws garbage to our compression machines. It’s effortless since the container is designed below the surface.
  2. Operator presses button in control panel to compress it.
  3. When it ready to transport, using the button, operator can move all the garbage to the transport truck.


wastec6Incredible build and performance.

Our engineer designed Waste Compression Machine with a world class architecture and material. That means it’s very strong, durable and sturdy. The Machine has a pow­erful compression rate, every garbage that you throw inside will be compressed.

wastec7Its clean and odorless.

The closed compartment makes the garbage not scattered. It does avoid the disturbing bad smell from the garbage. Beside we provide a place for the leachate from the garbage. It does perfectly work in clean and odorless, no pollution is our guarantee.

wastec8Eco-Friendly Building.

We’re currently on track toward achieving an ambitious goal: to make an eco-friendly waste management system with our product, inte­grated Waste Compression Machine. We would tried to implement this to every Waste Stations in Indonesia. So that, BINACITRA redesigns all the lay stall by installing Compression Machine in the simple Eco-friendly building.

wastec9Easily Transport It takes only less than 3 minutes to do it.

Our designer and engineer work together with all expert people in environmental element to make a best future concept that can manage waste easier to do. Waste Compression Machine is the best waste solution ever made. It is completed with integrated compression machine and waste transport system. It is the most effective and efficient waste management system ever made.

wastec10Easy to use control panel.

It does no difficulty to operate and maintain the Waste Compression Station, we design all the best on it. The readable button, work as we want. This is the most simplify yourself to operate Waste Compression Waste.


Waste technology of the future.

For most people, waste is not a technological thing. To us, waste is a technology itself. That’s why we put so much effort in applying a technology in waste management. We use a Controller board and chips to control the machine and hydraulics. We want to create a machine that can helps people to manage their waste. And we did.

combi-13Keep it clean.
We want to make sure everything is clean before and after work.

Waste Compression Machine also comes with a sprayer, again, to help you maintaining this station. Just spray and it’s clean.



Compression method   Vertical
Maximum compression strength (t)   100
Waste disposal capacity (t/d)   80
The main motor power   18,5 KW
Working pressure system   21 Mpa
Waste block dimensions (PxLxT)   1600 x 1850 x 1400 mm
Junk block weight   4 Ton


Hydrolic maximum pressure   21 Mpa

Structure Dimension

Length   6250 mm
Width   3250 mm
Height   6400 mm
Compaction space volume   5 M3
Compaction weight   19 ton

Power Supply

System   AC
Voltage   380 volt
Frequencies   50 Hz