Engineered with the best specifications for outstanding results.

Flooding is the one of biggest problem in Indonesia’s cities. It always happens every time to time. Dirty and clogged drainage are the main factors causing this big problem. The method to clean the drainage at this moment is not effective, it is usually done by destructing the drainage or the roads. This method is so intrusive, ineffective, causing major traffic jams, and costly. But don’t worry, we have solution for it. Our engineers and designers design what we called as Jetting Truck. This truck relies on high pressure water spray to clean up all the dirt and the blockages in the drainage, so breaking down the roads or drainage is not necessary. It is high technology, eco-friendly, efficient save, low cost and time operation.


Great Design. Better Performance

BINACITRA Jetting Truck is sleek, beautiful and engineered to handle the worst drainage system. It provides unprecedented power and capability in an amazing 4000L water tank. With state-of-the-art water pump, BINACITRA Jetting Truck pack a lot of power into not a lot of space. Our designers and engineers reconsidered each details of every internal components to maximize performance and minimize size.

The most advanced technology all leads up to this.

Jetting truck set a perfect material for the hose and nozzle, it designed specifically works to clean the drainage. It has a new structure and build from high quality component selected from top manufacturer around the world. We use the best and custom fit valve to boast the performance of the jetting pump.





Long Hose.
It reaches everywhere.

No matter how long the drainage is, the Jetting hose can reach it. All the garbage or the blockage things in the downstream can be brought up to the upper. Do not worry about how to put the long hose neatly. We have thought about it.


Hose House.

We design a wheel hose house for hose storage. It can roll the hose automatically and keep it save and neatly. It is really easy to use. In addition, it can tum to adjust to operator’s optimal angle work.

jettling7Ergonomically designed Control Panel.

Easiness in storage the hose also into our consideration, we don’t want to bother our customers, so that we use automatic wheel hose house to roll the hose in order to keep it neatly. Jetting Truck is also equipped with the tools and the indicators that are neatly arranged and easy to read, making it easy for the operator to operate. As a result using Jetting Truck is that much more easy and useful.

jettling8Wash Gun Sprayer.
Yet another reason to use Jetting Truck.

Every feature we add to Jetting Truck must answer yes to one question: Will it make the function better? So, the wash gun sprayer received the same in­tense consideration we apply to everything we make. We even design the sprayer with high pressure water too. It is useful to clean all the rest of the work, make your work cleaner.



Machine model   ISF3.8s3141 (Euro III)
Type   4 stroke diesel engine line, direct injection, turbo charge middle cooling,
Maximum power   105 PS/2600 rpm
Number of cylinders   4
Cylinder capacity   3,76 L or 3760 cc
Transmission   6 speed forward gears, 1-6 synchromesh and reverse gear constantmesh.
Max speed   90 km/h
Fuel capacity   80 litre 24 volt
Voltage   24 volt

Upper Structure

Length   4200 mm
Width   2045 mm
Height   1340 mm
Wheelbase   3360 mm
Body type   Rectangular box

Tank Specification

Capacity   4000 Litre
Material   Stainless steel
Plate thickness   3 mm (2,85 mm)
Man hole dimension   460 mm
Length   4230 mm
Width   1880 mm
Height   1340 mm

Hose Reel Tray

Hose rotation angle   90o
Power   Hydrolic
Hose reel movement   Automatic

Auxiliary Spray Gun

Hose power   4000 psi
Wash Gun pressure   3625 psi
Airflow   40 litre/minute
Diameter   ¾ inch


High pressure nozzle   2 pcs
Hazard lights (mounted on the front of the vehicle).   1 pcs
Turning sign (mounted in the rear of the vehicle).   Size 600 x 360 mm, 2 pcs
Spotlights   2 pcs
Panel lights (mounted on the supervisory board).   1 pcs


PTO   Pnenumatic
RPM speed   Mechanical dan Electrical
Alarm   Water level height
RPM flow speed   Digital Tachometer