Bucher history


In recent decades, Bucher has grown strongly through the acquisition of companies in the municipal business. Bucher offerings today include a wide range of compact and truck-mounted street sweepers, winter maintenance equipment, and refuse collection vehicles. Bucher Municipal stands for a long-term industrial commitment with a rich fund of know-how based on many years of experience and a portfolio of top quality products and services. Bucher Municipal underlines our affiliation to Bucher Industries, a group whose origins date back to 1807. It also highlights the success of our long-term planning in the area of municipal vehicles and winter maintenance equipment.

Main manufacturing sites worldwide


Bucher Municipal is a world-leading manufacturer of municipal vehicles for street cleaning and snow removal in public and private areas. Bucher Municipal stands for high-quality products and service excellence, as well as innovation, competency, reliability and sustainability. Our vehicles incorporate technically advanced solutions focusing on high performance, ease of use, low maintenance and cost-effective operation.
Bucher Municipal takes its responsibility towards society and the environment seriously.

Bucher’s market share

market share

Bucher Municipal is the European and Australian market leader in municipal vehicles for cleaning and clearing snow from public and private spaces. It offers a wide range of compact and truck-mounted road sweepers, winter maintenance equipment and refuse collection vehicles. The division has production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Denmark, Latvia, the USA, Australia and South Korea.

Bucher’s customers operate on a global basis. Bucher products are manufactured in specialized plants around the world, but the service is locally based. That enables them to stay in close touch with their personal contacts, familiarize themselves with the local culture and speak the same language as their customers, in every sense of the phrase. That gives them the confidence that they are getting the right products at the right time.

All-round service for safe roads

Towns and cities work 365 days a year to keep their streets clean and safe. To 
deal with challenging weather and road conditions, for example in winter, they need to be well equipped. A 24-hour service hotline is available for customers who need service support at short notice. They describe the situation and get instructions about the action required to deal with it. If vehicles or components are needed unexpectedly, they will be delivered to the required location without delay by Bucher service organization. Thanks to this direct personal service, Bucher customers can feel confident of fulfilling their responsibility to the public at all times.