Incredibly powerful. By design.

When Watermaster designed the dredger, they started wanted to designed an equipment for the future, but ready to use today.


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The world most proven multipurpose dredger

Watermaster is a multipurpose machine for dredging and construction in water environment. It’s produced in a serial manner by experienced professional and is defined by thousands of drawing, material listings, assembly instructions, test reports, etc. It has over 20 years of experience and knowledge in designing this. It’s an innovative and proven product simultaneously It’s also 9001 and 14001 certified.


Inventing a whole new category in the dredgers industry

While other dredgers only have a limited operational range and functionality. Watermaster has multiple capabilities: backhoe dredging, suction dredging and pile driving capabilities. It’s all in one machine. In addition it can operate from dry ground to water of about 6 meter in depth. Most importantly: It reduces your investments operational, maintenance, and transportation cost.



    Compact Size

    Watermaster goal was clear: create the compact size dredger that can works well in the challenging shallow water areas: rivers, urban canals, lakes, industrial ponds, sea shores, marinas and so on.








    Every great equipment begins with a great operator. Thus, we design even better Cabin.

    Watermaster want to make sure that operator can operates Watermaster efficiently and safely. Watermaster designers and engineers worked closely together to build a great cabin with a great visibility, modern and comfortable. It is equipped with 10 works light to allow efficient work during night time. Air Conditioning is a standard as well. Everything was considered, and nothing overlooked. It’s even FOPS Certified (Falling Object Protectice Structure).

    dredger6Mobility in Land

    When Watermaster designed the dredger. they started wanted to designed an equipment Watermaster engineers and designers managed to design the machine to be able to move in and out of water independently without crane assistance. The result is a machine that can works nearly anywhere. even in deep forest jungle of Amazons. In addition, it doesn’t require assembling time since it’s transported as a complete unit. Imagine what is the coast bring cranes or other equipment assistance to that place.

    Mobility in Water

    dredger-n2It can cruises to the site with it’s own propulsion system. It can work in very shallow and narrow locations where most other machines cannot.

    dredger10Suction Dredging

    It has a suction tools with incredible indicational capacity of dredging sludge around 500 m3/hour and solids around 50-100 m3/hour. In addition it allow a pumping distance up to 1.5 km.

    dredger9Cutter Pump

    When your goal is to build the high performance dredger, you begin at its foundation. For Watermaster, that foundation is cutter pump. It’s the primary pumping tools complete with a cutter head. Watermaster carefully design two cutter crowns for different kinds of soils. So you can use it everywhere. In addition, it’s also using a submersible pump.

    Multi-Purpose Attachment :


    1. Buckets

    For General backhoe work.


    2. Clamshell

    For environmental dredging, reduces the mixing of the solid and the water, and very suitable for excavating into barges.


    3. Rake

    For Removing vegetation and trash.


    4. Piling Bucket

    For general pile driving attachment, for reinforcing shores, and for marina maintenance.



    Machine type   Caterpillar C7.1, turbo charged, water cooled, 6-cylinder diesel engine
    Flywheel Power   168 kW (225 hp)
    Fuel tank capacity   1200 L
    Electric system   24 V
    Batteries   2 x 170 Ah
    Electric fuel pump


    One axial piston pump for dredging and propeller
    • Maximum operating pressure
      345 bar
    • Capacity
      95 ccm/rev
    Axial piston pump for digging and stabilizers
    • Maximum operating pressure
      230 bar
    • Capacity
      100 ccm/rev


    Swinging Angle   180o
    Break-out force from bucket cylinder   83 KN
    Digging force from arm cylinder   47 KN
    Lifting capacity at max reach   22 KN
    Lifting capacity with power lift , at max reach   24 KN
    Quick couplings for tools


    Front stabilizers, with detachable floats, max depth
    • without extensions
      3,6 m
    • with removable extensions
      5,0 m
    Rear tilting stabilizers, max depth   6,65 m


    One piece hull divided into 7 watertight compartment
    Corrosion resistant painting outside and inside
    Protective skid bars on bottom
    Slip-safe deck, handrails
    Mast, signal lights for dredging and navigation


    Comfortable cabin with good visibility
    FOPS safety tested
    Comfortable turning seat for easy entrance / exit
    Instructor’s seat in the rear
    Complete gauging for hydraulics and engine
    Ten work lights
    Radio receiver with CD-player

    Transport dimension & Weight

    Transport length (without boom)   11,00 m
    Transport width   3,30 m
    Transport height   3,15 m
    Transport weight   ca 19,50 t
    Travel speed with propulsion system   ca 4 knots






    For more product video, Please visit this Youtube Channel